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The Duke Life Flight Leadership Team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who each bring years of experience in Nursing, Critical Care Transport, Hospital Emergency Services, and Communications.

Leadership Team:

  • Medical Director: Jason Theiling, MD
  • Assistant Medical Director: JJ Hoff, MD
  • Program Director: Rene’ Borghese, MSN, RN, CMTE
  • Program Manager: Kevin Mumma, BSN, RN, CMTE
  • Quality and Education Program Manager: Michele Kuszajewski, DNP, RN, CHSE
  • Fleet Service Coordinator: Travis Loy, EMT-B, CFC
  • Assistant Nurse Manager Smithfield: Dee Harman, BSN, RN, NR-P
  • Assistant Nurse Manager Durham: Robyn Wood-Nobblitt, BSN, RN, EMT-P, CNML, CMTE
  • Neonatal/Pediatric Coordinator: Traci Clark, RN, C-NPT
  • Education and Outreach Coordinator: Christina Shelton, BSN, RN, CMTE, NR-P
  • Communications Supervisor: Chase Schlitz, EMT-B, CFC
  • Aviation Site Manager (Metro Aviation): Joseph Abshier
  • Lead Mechanic (Metro Aviation): Nate Allen
  • Lead Pilots (Metro Aviation): James Blakeley (Henderson), Hampton Parrish (Smithfield)